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Posted on junho 11, 2010




New Journalist


The project is a collection of texts about the new abilities that the modern journalist must have. The proposal is similar to the  e-book “to understand the Internet” – – of a brazilian journalist, Juliano Spyer. This previous one was developed in collaborative way, mixing texts of journalists and researchers, all enthusiastic of the digital culture. “New Journalists” will be focusing on the journalism issues.


We believe that a compilation of texts of new journalists becomes pertinent and necessary to the new students. The schools of journalism can not adapt fast enough to the changes. We want to expose the new journalists to an updated vision of the profession.


The project we propose is working with professionals in prominence in the Brazilian media which are lined up with the idea of collaborative journalism and free culture. The view of those who work day-by-day with news offices and media institutions, professionals who are in the epicenter of the changes. Journalists that also enjoy the freedom of their personal blogs/sites where they produce in in the conventional work.


The project will gather articles on new practical knowledge of journalism that came up with the advent of web and new technologies as the mobile medias.The invited journalists will be responsible for the writing. The result will be distributed with creative commons licence, without longing for no commercial end, only educational. At first, it will be published in the blog’s project and later on a ebook in English and Portuguese.

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