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Posted on junho 19, 2010


Matias, Technology Editor at ESTADÃO, a respectable brazilian journal.

30 professionals already they had been invited to collaborate with the project, of these, 20 already had accepted to write. A smart and cool crew, follow the list with the confirmed ones, as well as the respective subjects that will go to write:

“The Editor Today” by Alexandre Matias at Link e Trabalho Sujo
“RSS and Content” by Bruno Cardoso at O
“Blog the New Fanzine” by Marcelo Costa at IG e Scream & Yell
“Barcamp and Journalism” by Ton at Mídia 8
“Corporative’s Blogs” by Heitor Botan at SENAC e do Focas em AI
“Radical Media and Journalism” by Leonardo Foletto at Baixa Cultura
“Independent audiovisual productions” by Bruno Natal at URBE
“Digital photograph and Journalism” by Pio at Cia de Foto
“Data Visualization and Journalism” by Fernanda Viegas at
“The Hacker Journos” by Diego Sieg at
“Digital Journalism Cases” by André Deak at
“Inovation, Creativity and Journalism” by Denis Russo at Sustentável é pouco
“Personal Blog and Journalism” by Alexandre Inagaki at Pensar Enlouquece
“Research in  internet” by Marcelo Soares at E você com isso?
“Connecting people and ideas” by Helder Araújo at TEDx São Paulo
“The receptor in the Digital Age” by Rodolfo Araujo at Voce SA and NãoPosso Evitar
“Assay in the Digital Age” by Julio D. Borges at Digestivo Cultural
“Audiocast and Radio” by Márcio Black at Dada Radio
“Receptor and Digital Screens” by Gustavo Mini at O Conector and OIFM
“Reporter and Documentary” by Thiago Jock at Profissão Reporter
“Tv Journalism in the internet” by Alexandre Petillo at Rede Vanguarda
“New Journalism and profile in the digital age” by Bruno Torturra at TRIP
MKT and Journalism” by Armindo Ferreira do SMVP, Social Media Vale do Paraíba
“Collaborative Journalism” by Ana Brambilla” Social Media Editor at  TERRA
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