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Posted on julho 4, 2010


A Press Journal campaign to reach blog readers

Tiago Dória*

It’s almost a dead end the growth of personal brands in journalism. With the growth of blogs, social networks and microblogging platforms, has been way more appealing and easier for journalists to develop their own personal brand and audience.

The idea is that journalists Look upon blogs, social networks and microblogging not only as tools of reporting, but also mechanisms for building your own brand.

In 2009, the State of News Media Report has noted the growth of personal branding as one of the major trends in journalism. Through blogs, search engines and social networks the reader would, increasingly, moving from institutional to personal brands in journalism.
An example of the growth of personal brands in journalism is on Twitter. The microblogging service consists of various brands competing attention, what makes a journalist often has more followers than the profile of the vehicle for which they work.

Something, of course, throws a big challenge for companies in journalism. Encourage or minimize the growth of these personal marks above institutional brands?

If we look closely is something that, indeed, has existed for a long time in journalism. We have columnists who ship books and carry their own audience. What happens is that, nowadays, with the growing and high turnover in business and “life of a freelance” becoming a common dynamic between communications professionals to develop their own brand, its own public, has been shown increasingly attractive to journalists.

Another factor that weighs the need to develop your own personal brand and online is that, increasingly, social networking platforms and search engines are becoming reputation systems. People look at social networks and search engines, information and references, or personal data about other people. So for a journalist who wants to be relevant, have a voice in these environments is essential.

However, developing its own brand name is no big deal. It is governed by the same principles by which you builds your reputation among friends and colleagues in the physical world – natural, safety and consistency.

Finally, develop and manage their own personal brand, digital reputation is one of the new skills that the journalist should have. It seems to be a problem? I do not see that way, but as opportunity.

I say this from experience. For nearly seven years, while some saw blogging as a problem, just a passing fancy, I saw an opportunity. And it was through this publishing tool that could build much of my reputation in the field of journalism.

A good way street.

* Tiago Doria, journalist and media researcher

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